CCB Services


Cáceres Convention Bureau offers, among others, the following services:
  • Production and distribution of publications on specific tourist infrastructure, and business and specialized services.
  • Personal advice on the organization of Conferences, Conventions and Incentive Travels to Cáceres, as well as the use of tourist services and businesses and professionals.
  • Provide brochures on the city of Cáceres: maps, tourist brochures and other publications aimed at the attendees at meetings, conferences and incentives.
All professionals, businesses, entities and members of "Cáceres, Convention Bureau", will benefit from the following services:
  • General services:
Ø   Information on infrastructure and services for Congress.
Ø   Information, advice and all those services which aim to promote and attract conferences and business meetings to the city.
Ø   Reception of this state newsletter.
Ø   Support and advice from the Office of Conferences in the nominations, organizing conferences and service available.
Ø   Coordination of visits and interviews with special press.
  • Services customized character:
Ø   Receive inside information to establish business contacts.
Ø   Access to the database on this public entity in the industry.
Ø   Processing of demands for services and procurement of space in the publications that performs this public entity.
Ø   Participation in trade fairs in conjunction with this public entity.
Ø   Facilitate contacts with participants of the congress, conferences and seminars organized by the Public Entity.